Yum Asia Bamboo YUM-IH15 Rice Cooker Review

Yum Asia Bamboo YUM-IH15 Rice Cooker Review

This is going to be a review of the model YUM-IH15 which has been one of the best-rated rice cookers in the Yum Asia range for the last few years.

yum asia bamboo YUM-IH15 rice cooker review
Yum Asia bamboo YUM-IH15 rice cooker review

Just to clarify this model does also have an auto shut off feature built-in, more and more cookers are building this into their products which pleases me 🙂 can you believe some still don’t have this basic feature?

The induction heating capability is a very nice feature, rather than using the plate to warm your rice it uses currents from the plug socket coming in to do the job, I do have to say I think the rice tasted better when heated this way, it was extra fluffy.

It also comes with a very sturdy ceramic bowl which is 5 layers and is 3 millimetres thick, that bowl is not going anywhere anytime soon, Yum Asia is known for the quality of their bowls and this is no exception.

As you will also see the LCD looks different from most other rice cookers, this is because it was developed in Korea, it is called MoTouch which is ultra-crisp when viewing your screen in the dark or dimly lit rooms.

You will also get a steam basket, a measuring cup, a ladle for soup and a spatula, the easily removable inner lid makes this cooker a breeze to clean and keep clean too.

Even if you just wanted some quick food, the quick cook function is like the 15-minute quick cycle on your washing machine, it will have your rice ready in no time just ready for you to sit down and eat. the 3D heat technology makes sure of this.

The reviews say perfect rice every time I was a bit sceptical can it make perfect rice every time? from what we tried and tested the rice was delicious, we had no complaints I don’t think anyone who knows rice will disagree.

yum asia bamboo YUM IH15 rice cooker
Yum Asia bamboo YUM-IH15 rice cooker

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Yum Asia Bamboo YUM-IH15 Rice Cooker Technical Information

BrandYum Asia
Available ColoursChampagne Rose and Black
Dimensions37 x 27 x 24 cm; 5.5 Kilograms
Capacity1.5 litres
Power & Wattage1110 watts
Voltage240 Volts
Weight5.5 kg

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Yum Asia Bamboo YUM-IH15 Rice Cooker Features

Induction HeatingThis rice cooker has induction heating, which means the heat source comes from an alternating source which is the plug, as opposed to the regular underneath plate.
7 Rice ModesEvery type of rice you can think of is catered for to make sure you get the absolute best tasting rice.
Motouch LED DisplayThis makes the display sharper than usual and very crisp, unlike most other rice cookers.
8 CupsThis rice cooker can hold enough for 8 people.
Multi-CookerIt can also be used to cook porridge and cakes or just use the steam function.

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Yum Asia Bamboo YUM-IH15 Rice Cooker Pros & Cons

  • Super sharp and bright LCD display.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • 7 function available to cook your rice perfectly.
  • Uses induction heating technology.
  • Holds enough rice for 8 people.
  • Good value for money.
  • Can make break but anable to see how even with YouTube videos.

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This is a very nice rice cooker, not only did the rice come out extra fluffy which I’m putting down to the induction heating but it was clean and fresh-tasting, the ability to hold enough for 8 people is nice as it means you can easily for back for extras 🙂

If you enjoy your rice (not just rice) but your food cooked to perfection you will not go wrong getting this rice cooker, click the link below to read more and see why this one is getting rave reviews online this is a nice little addition to our collection.

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