Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA Rice Cooker Review

Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA Rice Cooker Review

Yes, we have another Zojirushi rice cooker review, this time we are doing a Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA Rice Cooker Review this is a particularly nice model and has a great track record for longevity which is something I and most other people look for in rice cookers these days.

zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA rice cooker review
Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA Rice Cooker Review

I did notice there was not too much information or reviews going about this cooker which prompted me to write a little something about it, the capacity for this one is around 0.54 litres with a power wattage of about 450, it does not come with an auto shut off feature which I was surprised about.

Do not worry about the Japanese language on the buttons they are all in English when you purchase, although by now I know what each button does I have reviewed so many cookers lol

Like other Zojirushi models, it is still on the high side price-wise but these machines are built to last which is why I give it a pass on the cost, it is not an outlay you need to pay every year, it should last around 5 – 7+ years depending on how often you use it.

Like previous Zojirushi cookers, this one also has a stainless steel body and a thick ceramic high-quality inner bowl which is also nonstick, the rice comes out plump and full of flavour.

Comes in a very sleek silver colour which makes it stand out in your kitchen, it is not bulky or takes up too much space this is just the right fit in my opinion. It has a very big LCD screen which I like especially if you are standing way over at the other end of the kitchen at night trying to squint at what is on the screen.

Very quick cooking times set this rice cooker apart from the others, if you want a quick snack or enough to accompany a whole meal there is more than enough settings to do the job. There is also no steam function with the machine, just in case that was important to you when purchasing.

zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA rice cooker
Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA rice cooker

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Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA Rice Cooker Technical Information

Available ColoursSilver
Dimensions2.3 x 1.9 x 3 metres (L/W/H)
Capacity0.54 litres
Power & Wattage450 watts

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Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA Rice Cooker Features

Timer Function The built-in timer function allows you to set your rice to be ready when you are.
Microcomputer Has a built-in computer chip that sets various cooking options like rapid rice, rice porridge and no-rinse rice and many other options.
Auto Shut OffThis rice cooker does not come with an auto shut off feature.

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Zojirushi NS-LLH05-XA Rice Cooker Pros & Cons

  • Easy to keep clean no hassles that way.
  • Manufactured in Japan using high quality materials.
  • The rice tastes superb in this cooker.
  • Made by a premium global brand who know how to make good rice cookers.
  • The microcomputer has many settings for you to play around with until you get the perfect setting for you.
  • Does not have an auto shut off option, not a deal breaker by any means but would have been nice.

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As the adage goes you get what you pay for, yes this machine is a little pricey, but what I have found is the more you pay initially the better off you are in the long run, the cheaper rice cookers tend to break down a lot quicker and are made with inferior materials (the majority of the time)

Again this rice cooker is up there with some of the best we have tried, from the simplicity of the functions to the easy cleaning of the inside this is another top tier rice cooker from Zojirushi and one we wish we had seen earlier if you like your rice plump and nicely textured you won’t go wrong checking this one out.

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